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Our Story

Saha Botanica was lovingly created by Angelica-Hazel utilising her knowledge in herbal medicine to create hand blended herbal infusions.

Each herb was carefully selected based on its therapeutic properties and flavour profile. Saha Botanica Blends contain 100% organic or wild crafted herbs free from artificial colours or flavours and sourced from a combination of local Australian and International ingredients.

Why Tea?

Tea is one of the most nourishing, soul-soothing drinks that you can consume. Combined with its ability to impart health benefits, it is a simple solution for getting extra goodness into your daily life.

What is the meaning behind Saha Botanica?

The word “Saha” is very close to my heart, having married into a big beautiful Lebanese family. Like most words in Arabic, there are many meanings behind a single word, depending on the context.

“Saha” is an Arabic word directly translated to mean “Health”. It is also used as a “Bless You” when someone sneezes. “Sahtein” taken from the word Saha, means 2x health which is used to wish someone good health at meal times, for which the eater responds “ala-albeck” meaning “back to your heart”.

Coming from an Italian-Australian background it was important to have this element in the name. Botanica is an Italian word meaning botany, which is the science of plants. Botanical is the usage of plant constituents for medicinal benefits. Botanica is also used to describe a shop that sells herbs.

Using 100% organic or wildcrafted ingredients

Handblended with love in Adelaide, South Australia

Made using Naturopathic principles in mind

HAZEL_0061 (1).jpg
Who is Angelica-Hazel?

Angelica-Hazel is a tea fanatic, travel obsessed foodie with a huge passion for health, and a mama to a beautiful baby girl.


A desire to make a difference combined with a passion for health lead her to study health science specialising in clinical nutrition and western herbal medicine.


Throughout her studies she learnt how food can be medicine and how herbal constituents can be used therapeutically to heal and nourish the body.

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